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All cybercriminals

Jacques-Marie Lafond Editions – April 2004

Table of contents

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. – 14 stories for a new cybercrime

3.1 What is Cybercrime?

3.1.1 The cybercrime already has a history

3.1.2 Define the cybercrime

3.1.3 Figures of the cybercrime, a reality difficult to ascertain and the marketing of fear

3.2  14 stories for understanding

Scenario 1: The revenge of Tareg –  An employee exports his company’s information without authorization  – Internet usage Charter, Cyber surveillance and outgoing flow

Scenario 2: Peter Pan was a Defense Ministry Expert – An employee imports child pornography images within his company – Employer’s responsibility and incoming flow

Scenario 3: The Erika, 6 dead without prescription nor coffins – The information attack on the networks

Scenario 4: You are not always who you think you are –  the identity theft, a new weapon to do evil

Scenario 5: The credit card that always says yes – an individual uses a false credit card and makes purchases online: the bank charges you for these purchases

Scenario 6: Viagra is beautiful –  the spamming

Scenario 7: They block France, let’s block their e-mail addresses – thousands of e-mails are simultaneously sent to the same recipient (the e-mail bombing)

Scenario 8:  Kevin Mitnick aka the condor  – an individual enters into your system intentionally and without authorization

Scenario 9: A little click that can cause a big shock –  an individual enters into a system through a vulnerability and remains in it

Scenario 10: 5 millions of credit card numbers stolen – A third party accesses to personal data in your system and downloads them

Scenario 11: Bouncing attack, a new game of cops and robbers – your system was used as a relay for attacking another system (the retention of connection data to demonstrate innocence)

Scenario 12: I love you- You receive a computer virus by e-mail (sabotage and destruction of data)

Scenario 13: French State is condemned for counterfeiting – a software without license in your computer (software infringement)

Scenario 14: With Noos, download your favorite musics – your minor child downloads pirated musics in MP3 format on the Internet using the family personal computer

4 Thoughts  on the new Cybercrime

4.1 ” The end of “the victim is someone else”

4.2The End of Hackers

4.3  The End of the Nation State? Technology as a defense rather than the Police?

4.3.1 Technologies to prevent and defend against cybercrime, and to prove and identify cybercrime

4.3.2 What are the Police and the Justice doing?

4.4 The end of Laws? Is the Law still credible?

4.4.1 The law and the space, a resolved issue?

4.4.2 The Law and the digital time, a real issue

4.4.3Which law to fight against cybercrime?

4.5 In conclusion, the End of the Internet?

  1. Technical Glossary
  2. Legal Glossary

6.1 “Computer”, “System” and Automated Data Processing Systems

6.2 the “Criminal” and the “Civil”

6.3  The choice of the adequate legal remedy for the victim

7 Bibliography

7.1 Books

7.2 Dissertations and Thesis

7.3 Chronicles and Articles

7.4 Websites

  1. Appendix A – Some texts that are likely to punish Cybercrime
  2. Appendix B- Some useful addresses
  3. Appendix C – What are the legal responsibilities of the Security Officer?
Published by the 03/05/2015 in Publications

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All cybercriminals

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