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The New Telecoms Market

Eyrolles Editions – June 1998


Understand the new rules.

A legal analysis to understand the consequences of the Law of 26 July 1996: new market organization, competition rules between actors, role of the State and of the Telecommunications regulatory authority (ART), positioning of France Telecom, etc.


Legal advices for companies.

The impact of the liberalization in terms of risks and opportunities for users is difficult to assess: there is no jurisprudence in this particular field.  To meet the wide range of services offers, a new logic of consumerism introduces competition between operators.  Today, the spectacular convergence of the IT world and the telecoms through Internet services, Intranet and Extranet, is opening up a myriad of opportunities. This book provides valuable and indispensable legal references to direct your strategy and to optimize your company telecommunications  budget.


Concrete answers to your questions.

What are the duties related to tariff information for operators? How to negotiate a contract with an operator? What are the rules applied by the courts nowadays in invoice dispute resolutions?  What is the responsibility of the operators for service quality? What attitude should adopt an employer when his employee privately uses a company mobile phone? How to lawfully control the telephone use? What are the legal safeguards for the protection of privacy?  What is the new legislation on encryption of communications?


Table of contents

  • The telecommunications liberalization
  • The players in the telecommunications sector
  • Types of telecommunications services
  • The organization of competition
  • The telephone service use
  • Security and integrity of communications
Published by the 02/05/2015 in Publications

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